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Juiceology is the brainchild of entrepreneur Richard Watson and top mixologist Joe McCanta. After building a successful events company at University, Richard Watson spent some time working in New York and London in financial services. However, the inner entrepreneur would not be suppressed and the Juiceology project was born, combining his passion for business, fine food and drink, and challenging the status quo.

Hailed by the New York Times as having created the “epi-center of organic cocktails,” Joe McCanta is one of today’s foremost bar chefs and sommeliers leading the rapidly growing movement of organic mixology and bar design. Juiceology is the first packaged soft beverage to have been especially formulated and designed by a top mixologist and sommelier.

The Juiceology experience goes beyond a mere quencher or refreshment; Juiceology is a delicious, subtly complex blend of natural ingredients: fresh purées, juices, botanicals, herbs, spices, and soft spring water, with no artificials or preservatives.  Juiecology is one of the first drinks created to be equally as enjoyable on it’s own as when married to a spirit.  Sip over ice in a tall glass; fully
experience the delicate blend of ingredients in a large wine glass; or splash in a quality spirit for an authentic cocktail! 

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  1. Definately one of the best drinks ever made, makes j20 taste like urine. I can’t wait for juiceology to be in more stores

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