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Who is Joe McCanta

Hailed by the New York Times as having created the “epicenter of organic cocktails,” Joe McCanta is one of today’s foremost bar chefs and sommeliers leading the rapidly growing movement of organic mixology and bar design. He has created a number of exciting and innovative wine lists for retail stores and restaurants throughout both Boston and New York City and headed the organic cocktail movement within the US through crafting innovative drinks and choosing wines for two-time Wine Spectator Award winning Counter Organic Wine and Martini Bar. Mr. McCanta has now turned his focus to Europe, first creating the region’s first organic martini bar and sustainable wine list for Istanbul’s Saf Organic Bistro and Martini Bar. Following that Mr. McCanta opened 2 restaurants and bars under the Saf Brand in Istanbul as well as Germany’s first organic-focused bar in Saf at Zerwirk Restaurant and Bar located in the heart of Munich Germany. His fifth bar opened April 2008 in Shoreditch, London and features the largest organic bar to date as well as Britain’s most extensive fully organic and biodynamic wine list.

Organic products don’t just promote a healthy and sustainable environment, but offer a purity of taste and passion that are seldom seen in most mass-produced brands.

Mr. McCanta has written articles for several international magazines and newspapers on wine, organic mixology, and juicing, and been featured in a variety of international publications, radio interviews and television programs such as UKTVs Market Kitchen for his forward thinking approach to the beverage world.

In 2003 he became the Founder and Director of PurSip LLC, a multifaceted company offering consulting services for restaurants, bars, juice bars, wine lists, private cellars, and spas, as well as catering for an array of events and promotions. The company also specializes in offering workshops in organic mixology and wine tasting, and will be at the forefront of establishing a Green Bar movement throughout Europe in 2009.


A New Website

Welcome to Juiceology and our new website. The Juiceology experience goes beyond a mere quencher or refreshment; Juiceology is a delicious, subtly complex blend of natural ingredients: fresh purées, juices, botanicals, herbs, spices, and soft spring water, with no artificials or preservatives.  Juiecology is one of the first drinks created to be equally as enjoyable on it’s own as when married to a spirit.  Sip over ice in a tall glass; fully experience the delicate blend of ingredients in a large wine glass; or splash in a quality spirit for an authentic cocktail!